Thank You, Teacher

Thank You, Teacher

September 5th is marked as Teachers Day in India in remembrance of the great teacher Sri. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan. Sripada Studios takes this opportunity to thank all our teachers through this blog.

Teacher’s day takes us back to the memories of our school days when each one of us had that “one favourite teacher”. It may be because they gave us less homework or we were their favourite student, the reasons may be many, but we always loved our teachers.

September 5th, the day was very special, we used to decorate our classroom with balloons & colour paper, with roses & cake, celebrating as a festival. Everyone smiling around, all we wanted was to bring a smile to our teacher’s faces & make them feel special.

The stereotypical opinion of the profession that teaching is easy is just a wage decision. But teachers do suffer from many problems which they don’t express…

The majority of surveys show that teachers undergo very high mental fatigue like psychological distress and major voice disorders. They often face criticism from the students, parents, and the institution. It is not an easy job to convince a large number of students from different backgrounds.

Teaching is not restricted to classroom lectures.

The teacher is responsible for the overall development of every child in the class.

As the education system is gradually turning towards the west the values of ‘Gurukula‘ Indian tradition is washing out. The respect given to teachers is notably reducing. On the other hand, the ethics of modern-day teachers is also questionable. Education is commercialised to a greater extent. So as the teacher student-relationship is getting materialized.

Today, it’s the question of our Ethical Behaviour as a society, Did we all laugh at the memes and funny videos made on teachers struggling to make online classes or cope with the technology that they are not used to? Did we appreciate the time and effort they did to not waste our academic year go waste in the mid of the pandemic?

Despite everything, Teaching is satisfying.

More than merely a profession, it’s a divine process of shaping the future of another human soul. Whatever the time changes. The role played by a teacher in society does not change.

As an economy Teachers are the manufacturers of Human resources.

Despite everything, The teachers are as good as God.

Happy Teacher's day

With most humble, Sripada Studios wishes all the teachers, 
Thank you for everything.!

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