Sripada Studios explains how small businesses use new tech in 2021 & how the historic market has lost its charisma and its sons are in losses.


Sripada Studios explains how small businesses use new tech in 2021 & how the historic market has lost its charisma and its sons are in losses.

There was a time when regional films portrayed technology as something unpredictable, unexplainable and magnificent to understand. But now, we mean just in two years, technology has become inseparable even in films and also in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is the green/garden/garbage/tech/IT, and start-up city and now we can see version 2.0 of tech in and around the city. 

To prove the above statement, we from Sripada Studios give you a list of examples here and show you the adoption of new-age technology in small businesses. 

Anywhere in this tech-savvy city, people are tech-savvy too. For example, when you wake up in the morning you can listen to varied microphone voices. Starting from Allah-hu-Akbar, Dr Rajkumar sings about numerous gods, and then the announcement from the garbage van. 

After this above wave rises, you may step out to get the groceries, milk, or newspaper filled with ads. Even these mid-aged sellers use UPI-based monetary platforms. This can be a common sight now but just think of the time when our parents, shopping crazed aunt, and prime time news uncle found it difficult to understand how to send messages, payments and scolded the mobile networks for additional data charges. And, you felt proud for teaching your mom to use WhatsApp and other apps. Remember, dad may slit a line like “Hu, we taught you ABC’s now you taught us FB and message language”

Lekka Chutha! Alva?

The list isn’t finished yet, you could have experienced this. After the lockdown, we witnessed these and our eyes enlarged like the tom from cartoons. The electronic call to purchase Bendekaayi, Nuggekayi, erulli, and many more. Banni Madam, Banni Uncle!!! These megaphones and loop calls attracted me in the beginning but became annoying in no time. Ri, adrudu volume kammi maadri… Kiya… Kiya… antide. 

Yes, of course even if you went to purchase the groceries to your left ear the annoying sound enters, screams, and exists for the next hour only.  Need to say this, by this technique according to vegetable sellers the sales in the localities increased by 35%.

And, here is the saddest part from the Krishna Rajendra Market

Rahman, a vegetable seller for 30 years speaks how after the lockdown the small scale and local vegetable sellers took a rise and the market saw the losses inside. 

“The lockdown wasn’t good for anyone. Here in the market, many people closed the store and opened it in their locality. Even now, 60% of market visitors shop in front of the market and road. And thus, the stores here are 50% empty”, said Rahman. 

“The phone pay works fine, their agents are cooperative. But here in the market, many got cheated by Google Pay and lost around 10,000 in rupees personally”.

Hard work_Sripada Studios

We were surprised when we got to know the market was in losses. Because the popular opinion was the perishable sellers were the profit makers even in the lockdown.

You can even ask your golgappa waala, Gobi Anna, Panipuri hudga and bonda bajji aunty about how the monetary platforms and lockdown are affecting or how difficult it was to adopt the new tech form.

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