Relive 6 nostalgic moments of Dasara celebrations of the 80s and 90 kids

Sripada Studios invites you on a trip down memory lane to your school days when September or October meant just finishing midterms and gearing up for Dasara and Deepavali celebrations.

Firstly, let’s get it right—it’s Dasara, not Dussehra! Our cherished Bombehabba or Navratri. Who wouldn’t love the 9-day festival in winter? Yet, every holiday came with that one assignment or holiday homework dedicated to Dasara.

Bombe Habba is our celebration! New toys are mixed with old ones from the attic. More toys meant more bragging rights in front of friends. We’d always find ourselves lost in each friend’s toyland.

Dasara Celebrations - Mysore

Let Saraswati rest on Saraswati Pooja! You strategically set aside the books you loathed studying for Saraswati pooja—locked away for 9 days, giving you a study-free break!

Cleaning house! Mom wouldn’t let you be until your room was spotless. And then, one day, even your bicycle got a shower.

The AyudhaPooje: You couldn’t properly celebrate Ayudha Pooja without putting two white and red straps on literally everything at home.

Dasara Celebrations - Mysore

Watching the Mysore Dasara procession on TV was a ritual! Vijayadashami, the last day of Navratri, felt complete only after witnessing the Ambari procession, Jambu Savaari. That was the goosebumps moment.

WOW! Good old nostalgia, right? We all grew up between visiting everyone’s Bombe Habba and sending Instagram reel forwards of Dasara wishes to our friends.

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