Sripada Studios gives you a brief on why 2022 is a happening year for Kannada Film Industry and everything you need to know about it

ಈ ಸಲನೂ ಕನ್ನಡಿಗರದ್ದೇ ಮೇಲು ಗೈ!!!

Written by Raksha Srinivas Kumar for Sripada Studios

2022 was a free freshly opened market for audiences who were deprived of theatrical film-watching experience for 2 years. With the ease of OTT and amid the discussion of OTT in the theatres, the dubbing culture created an open competition with the original Kannada Cinema

But, when we retrospect on the progress of the Kannada filmmakers in such challenging situations, we are happy and proud of everyone who hustled

Here is Sripada Studios, giving an unbiased interpretation as to why 2022 was a happening year for Sandalwood!!

Some Movies are just “emotions”

Some movies are more than hits or flops. 

Few movies just take a special place in our hearts like how this year

Kannadigas were proud, heart-touched, and emotional and witness the unforgettable masterpieces like – 

Kantara Ondu Danta Kathe: For its gripping narrative & BhootaKola

Gandhada Gudi: For our beloved “APPU”

Charlie777: For making us cry for our pets

Critical Sequels

Sequels are usually dangerous. It comes with the pressure of breaking the expectations built from the first part. The success or the failure is mostly argumentative with the different opinionated audiences. 

We had Vikranth Rona didn’t admit to being a sequel to the blockbuster “Rangitaranga” but it felt like one

Love Mocktail 2 and the Gaalipata 2 were the critical sequels of the year and KGF 2 was the most happening sequel of the year! Ofcourse 1250 crores collection for a Kannada film sequel! It just set the bar high!

Some genuine efforts

The shift in the content-oriented and unique scripts was very evident with a few genuine efforts like Old monk, Sugarless, Critical Keerthanegalu, Thurthu Nirgamana, Harikathe Alla Girikathe, Love 360, Guru Shishyaru

OTT Releases

Now the filmmakers are not judged by their decision of releasing the movies directly on OTT platforms. It is considered a smart move! Such moves from productions like PRK with One cut two Cut, and Family Pack were remarkable but didn’t entertain the audience

The year 2022 proved that language is not a barrier to the content. Good efforts will reach their way. Following the global market approach is the next future. But Industry cannot confine to big-budget movies or the pan India movies. The growth of the industry depends both on the “desi+honest” we mean rooted approaches as well as the clean competition to the bigger movies

Sripada Studios
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Cinema is Cinema. 

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