Sripada Studios gives you a brief and highly recommends this Canva Pro to you. 
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As a digital marketing agency, we have been using Canva Pro for a few months and we have been loving it all over. It’s not exactly a replacement for Adobe Photoshop but, this is quick, trendy and up to date to meet the deadlines and demands of clients. 

Here are the top 05 features of Canva Pro that shall help you or intimate you to use the Pro version and ditch the free one.

1. One-Click Background Remover
We know Adobe photoshop has the same feature, but the biggest problem with it is no sharpness and it doesn’t remove or recognize the hair, properly. But, the AI technology of Canva Pro is so good, that it perfectly recognizes the background and foreground and helps you remove the hair, tiny materials etc in one click.

2. Resize Features
From Instagram Post to stories, From Banners to Posters, we can resize any creative to any size. It saves a lot of time and helps you keep the workflow. 

3. Brand Kit
We as a digital marketing team have a lot of brands as clients and the major task is to maintain the brand guidelines. The colour, font and logo features in the brand kit help us to design and maintain the branding.

4. Professional Folders
Being organized in every nature, we greatly appreciate this feature because we can organize all one set of brand materials to one main folder and create subfolders with names necessarily.

5. Pro Elements
Every time you cannot download many local files and place them in Canva. So, the features of this element let you to lakhs of photos, videos, illustrations, graphics and many more for free to use.

sripada studios_canva

The other best features are thousands of templates, video fonts and video features, transparent HD images and various size downloads.

We as the Bengaluru best designer and digital marketing experts highly recommend this to you. It’s worth it too. Just Rs. 3999/- for a year with five users. 

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