After Covid Lockdown, How the new release in Kannada Cinema can uplift the KFI Forever?


After Covid Lockdowns, How the new release in Kannada Cinema can uplift the KFI Forever?

The mainstream Kannada cinema actors, directors, and of course the demanding producers have set examples of why Kannada Cinema doesn’t go behind experiments and why box office collections are important. The last decade was the discussable decade for Kannada Films, in which we have the films that were made only for the Hero’s fans and not for actors or audiences. Surprisingly, we also saw a few newbies who entered with content-oriented films and proved cinema is a priceless craft and not the second draft execution.

The game changed when we all faced the lockdown because of the invisible virus. Almost 90+ films were held. Few saw the digital release through OTT’s. While others shattered their dreams and the big ones waited patiently to reopen the theatres.

Few things made the industry look back at what they gave in the form of films and started planning what best they could give after the lockdown. 

To name such instances are:

  • While the youths turned their television sets to smart TVs, the trend of OTT saw a boom but the regional audience found it difficult to watch the countable Kannada films available on major OTT’s like Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney Hotstar.
  • The family got a major time to spend apart from the scary work from home torture. The Udaya TV of Sun Network played the classics of Kannada Cinema at 9:30 pm, every day. This resulted in the growth of cinema knowledge to the youth and few cherished the golden period of Kannada Cinema.
  • Films were widely watched during the lockdown on all the platforms. Few Kannada films became popular. Dia, Love Mocktail, Haalu Jenu, Accident, Muthina Haara, and sadly the curious actor Late Chiranjeevi’s movies.

These are the incidents that made people think of good, content-oriented films for this and the next generation. And now, we do have films on the runway to fly high.  Remember, if the below-mentioned films fail to entertain the audience through content then KFI should work hard to get the audience back to the theatres. 

Pogaru of Dhruva Sarja: Even though this film is a commercial movie, the aspects like weight transformation, the Karaabu song, and the fans of the Sarja family are waiting for a stroke of good luck, and keeps this in first good film expectation. 

Films like Robbert, Yuvaratna, and Salaga are mass cinema and focused to entertain the audience with commercial elements. These movies can be average or box office hits. But if these movies fail, then the recovery of Kannada films is a little bit to be worried about. 

An article and research by Sripada Studios

RangaNayaka, Ravi Boppanna, 100, Bhajarangi 2 from 90’s heroes are promising. 

KGF Chapter 2 has created a big buzz with the two minutes 16 seconds teaser all over the world. And, the biggest blockbuster hit is expected from this content. 

If fails, the part two fail era continues. If wins, this changes the view of KFI.

Please understand, we need any three films to score 100+ days and 10+ films to run 50+ days. Then, the KFI will be on a successful path. If this doesn’t work, you know whom to blame. 

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