Sripada Studios get you the brief on the film Rakta Kaneeru & leprosy disease


Sripada Studios get you the brief on the film Rakta Kaneeru & leprosy disease

Kanta… Kanta… Kanta… who hasn’t heard this famous dialogue from the Real star Upendra?

Kanta is one lust, Kanta is one happiness, Kanta is one greediness, Kanta is one character that lies inside on a sofa made of pain, arrogance and firm decisions. Kanta is one bitter creation and another bitter one is leprosy disease.

Kanta! & Karma Kanda_Sripada Studios

A Kannada film titled Rakta Kaneeru sheds the light on leprosy disease and speaks aloud about an NRI arrogance in looking at emotions and the Indian culture. This film directed by Sadhu Kokila is a Tamil movie remake but it shows the stages and causes of leprosy disease.

Leprosy is one that destroys the connective tissues of the human body and is caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium.

World Leprosy day is observed internationally every year on 30th January to increase the social awareness of Leprosy disease. Interestingly, this date was chosen by French humanitarian Raoul Follereau as a tribute to the life of Mahatma Gandhi who had concern and compassion for the people suffering from Leprosy. 

 Unfortunately, the countries with the highest number of Leprosy cases are India, Brazil, Indonesia followed by some of the African nations. Many people who are afflicted by leprosy don’t even know that it is curable in a certain amount of time. 

Thus it is significant to effectively use the technology and medicines to cure and save lives where it is an important thing in the world. And this can be done only by making people know about it and forge forward. A risky step leads to a beautiful moment.

And also don’t forget to watch the film and recollect the memories and learn life lessons.

Watch the wonderful life lesson in the below languages

Rakta Kaneeru | Kannada

Rakta Kaneelu | Telugu

Rakta Kaneeer | Tamil

Click the above links to watch the film.

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