How does Sandalwood perceives male characters?

Some gender myths Sandalwood bursts about men
Written by Raksha Srinivas Kumar

Why is International Men’s day is not celebrated as much as we celebrate a ‘Hero’ in a movie? Agreeing that men are sometimes for taken granted, ignored or left uncared for, here we are on this day very respectably, responsibly and proudly celebrating International Men’s Day on the 19th of November. Busting all the gender myths, we believe all genders are equal and have to be celebrated heartfully

Sripada Studios brings you an interesting blog analysing the perseverance of men in our society through the most popular male characters of the Sandalwood both positively and negatively.


We know certain men from Kannada Film Industry who have touched our hearts with their emotional sacrifices. Accepting that we always look upon them but just praying our life shouldn’t end up like them.
Their Karna from Karna and Dr. Harish from Bandhana sacrificed themselves for family/girl respectively. Of course not forgetting the “TyagaRajas” of Sandalwood, sacrificing their love

The Manjunatha types

The character is so impactful that the name itself reminds us “the lazy people” around us! Just as Manjunatha from Eddelo Manjunatha. This character is lazy, sarcastic, hopeless at life yet very egoistic characters

The Desirable Gentleman

 All men are pressurized to be one. These are the perfect characters, harmless gentleman types everyone looks up to. They are so good that they take so much pain, yet be very kind and gentle

Boyfriend/ Husband material

These characters almost defines how a typical boyfriend and husband is desirable by women. You can’t imagine how many women have prayed god to have such a man in their life.
Do you feel they are just too perfect to expect!

The Perfect Hero

The perfect hero is good looking, hard working, very intelligent, emotionally strong, fights villains, always smiles, keeps uttering powerful dialogues, very proud of himself, so lovable by his family, he literally solves everyone’s problems. Also easily has women’s attention

Crying men

Who said men don’t cry? Have you seen how much our heroes have cried?

Lusty villains

All Villains from Vajramuni till Ravishankar are crooked, cold-hearted, cruel , lusty and womaniser. Such characters are so impactful that women in real life also fear such men. They are socially toxic and a threat who generally lose Hero mannerism

Characters created @ SRIPADA STUDIOS

Sripada Studios has been a Filmmaking studio that has been successful in creating numerous male characters through their male characters

Rowdy/ Rude

Sandalwood is fond of cranky, attitude, abusive, psychopaths. We as an audience also like such massly enjoyable characters


They are typical characters stalking and flirting, fooling around women. It is cute and funny to some extent but it has got its own limits

The Bro code

Mens are super bro’s. There are typical bro code male characters in Sandalwood that give the ideal brother vibes

Sripada Studios

So here is how Sandalwood has perceived men through Kannada Cinema. 

It is typical, hyped or normalised. But male characters in sandalwood have unintentionally taken a part in influencing both men and women viewers in general. 

“Men are to be respected for their natural characters and shades irrespective of their glory and flaws”.

Sripada Studios is aiming to create characters more natural, relatable and gender-neutral. 

Thank You For Reading.