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Do you remember when was the first time you googled something?

Maybe something related to your academic projects in a cyber centre or for some soft porn? or for some popular film song, lyrics? Remembered?

Back then we never knew how google would take such a big part of our lives. And now anything you can’t think of, straightly goes into Ok Google What this is? 

Googling’ is a new verb added to the dictionary. 

We have to admit that google gives us all the answers that no one can. For all our stupid bizarre questions that you also might be embarrassed to ask anyone.

Google did not remain a search engine.

It has just been deeply embedded in our lives. Its services range from Gmail to Google Workplace, Google meetings for professional meets and Classroom for online classes. And Google maps shows us the way home. Where is the place where we are not dependent on Google?

On  15th September 1997, the domain was registered marking the day as day.

A revolutionary day for all of us. It’s strange and unbelievable how one company can entirely change our lives, in fact making it much easier. 

So a Happy Google Day to all the Googlers from Sripada Studios.

We will write more blogs on google literacy so that we make great use of this beautiful service for betterment and growth. 

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Before you Google know more about it

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