Sripada Studios being a digital media service provider, we firmly believe Google Workspace is the next best alternative available to Microsoft Office applications. 

10 things you need to know about Google Suite Workspace

Sripada Studios being a digital media service provider, we firmly believe Google Workspace is the next best alternative available to Microsoft Office applications. 

The ease comes in your way with a wide variety of software provided under the Workspace which literally smoothens your routines by removing the possible glitches of mismanagement.  

Are you wondering how? Here are the top 10 perks of using Google Suite Workspace.

1. Not a Date… Never miss a beat!
You never miss any due date, when you let know all your reminders, daily agendas, appointments, and meetings to Google Calendar to notify you at the perfect time. Just create a slot on the desired dates and have your calendar invite all your desired attendees through Gmail.

2) Send and Unsend your e-mails
We admit that Gmail is one of the most flexible mail service providers, having to customise your mail address representing your company. Never forget to adjust the sending cancellation period in settings, so that you have ample time to realise a mistake and un-send an email.

3) Got large attachments?
Just drive them! Though Gmail restricts its space to up to 25MB, you can always use Google Drive to save your files and send them which are as big as 10GB.

4. Everyone can read and write Docs.
You can have 10 people editing a file simultaneously with 200 people viewing it. Saved time writing and rewriting right? You can always go back to the previous versions of the file and name the revisions to locate them. What’s the worry then!

5) Google lives, and let lives.
Imagine your client sends you a Microsoft file, but you use Google Workspace. Panic? Relax. Google lets you work with Microsoft files even if you haven’t installed them. Learn the “Save as“ Trick.

6) Ever tried whispering emails?
We meant completely safe e-mails containing confidential information that ensure those receiving cannot forward, copy, print or download the message. Use the Confidential Mode from your Google Admin console.

7. Workspace is a safe space.
Google provides vital security management to all devices. Even though a hardware device is lost, Google Endpoint ensures to lock the data from the lost device, wipe the data from it and secure the Company’s data.

8) Virtual mass communication.
Google Chat rooms allow you to create different channels of particular subjects to communicate with up to 8000 members. Or create a mailing list called a group to send emails in a mass.

9) Google is Smart!
Did you know Google is smart enough to give smart replies to your emails and suggests suitable words and phrases? Google’s Smart Compose also keeps a check on your typos. Cool right?

10) Sharing is Caring, Says Google
Create Shared folders, give access to concerned people with Drive’s shared folders option and also restrict access to certain users, or open it up to anyone with a link.

sripada studios_google suite workspace
Google is definitely smart!
You are too if you know it well!

So are we efficient enough by using the Workspace?

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We hope this blog has helped you to know more about Google Workspace

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