Sripada Studios gives you a brief on the social media manger skills, resume and everything you need to know about it.


Sripada Studios encouraged its passion to develop as another department and i.e., social media management. From regular praises and appreciation for our designs, timely content and presentation we started this new service. And, now we are serving more than 15 clients and brands to grow their social media presence in a style.

We have grown into a professional and experienced team in social media management in Bengaluru city. So, here we are answering the most important and most googled questions on Social Media Manager. 

  • Who is Social Media Manager?
Social Media Managers are responsible for planning, implementing, managing and monitoring the company’s social media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve marketing efforts and increase sales.

Or Social media managers are in charge of representing a company across social channels as the sole voice of the brand. They respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content. These experts provide organizations with the guidance needed to enhance their online presence.

  • Social media Jobs 
Everywhere & Anywhere!!! Where can we find jobs for social media? Social media managers are the new boom in the industry. Every business needs a digital presence and thus the scope for social media is necessary. 
  • What is the salary for Social Media Managers?

The pay depends on experience and skills. Normally, the big companies marketing big companies shall pay around 30-40k with experience. But, to have the experience you need to work as an intern, junior social media manager and analyst which would give you around 15-20k per month.

  • How to write a resume for social media manager

So, how do write a resume for social media manager? Check this below link… 

Also, apply to our social media executive role 

Skills you required for the social media manager position

  1. Spend time surfing and discussing new ideas with the department head and engage with the content marketing team to create more content based product lines
  2. Posting content on all social media platforms and documenting it.
  3. Ensure content is keyword optimized for the web
  4. Assisting the team with digital marketing trends.
  5. You shall develop the social media and the digital marketing capabilities to make a revenue earning source.
  6. You’ll get an experience working with SEO tools like SEMrush and Majestic SEO
  7. You’ll get an experience to work on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SlideShare, LinkedIn, YouTube, Blogs, Newsletters, and Press Releases.
  8. Keeping up to date with brand awareness and consumer data, latest trends and techniques. 
  9. Good to have basic knowledge of search engine ranking criteria of leading algorithms.
  10. Schedule, Sleep and Have fun. But never miss a posting.
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Remember, as a social media manager you shall be the voice of our clients and brands which we manage. Something like Aniyan! A multi-personality order is required. Hahaha.

We hope this blog has helped you to know more about the #socialmediamanger position and hope you get selected by any social media agency.

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