Finallyyyy it’s the show time of “Mooruvare Neetigalu”, the three-and-a-half policies, web series by Sripada Studios in association with Movi Garage.

Mooruvare Neetigala Munnota

ಮೂರುವರೆ ನೀತಿಗಳ ಮುನ್ನೋಟ

The bright Saturday evening welcomed us with a lot of positive energy at the Renukamba Studio and a shower of applause from the screening of two shows of Mooruvare Neetigalu.

The first show started by 4:45 and ended by 6:30 and had a good response with great discussion.  Dignitaries like Akash Srivatsa, Anitha Ranganath, Mahesh Gowda, Rekha Das, Umera Faisal, Payal Chengappa and Namrata Sreenivasulu graced the occasion to enjoy our movies, participate in the discussion of the social issues addressed in the movies.  

The second show was more heartful because the family of the team’s Sripada Studios and Movigarage App attended, and we had a proud and positive feeling filled. 

Here is what our Director has to say about the show

“It’s been a very different experience to showcase our short films to the audience. The response is 100% positive and also the debate about the subject which we chose had a good impact. Thanking my team and producer and actors for this opportunity”

  • PV Phani Srivatsa: FIlmmaker | Digital Marketer 

Know more about our three short films:

Vishesha Prakatane (Special Announcement)

A pregnant Doctor has a special announcement to make to her husband. Does she know what baby it is? How does her husband react?

Samvahana (Communication)

All company a lonely wife in lockdown had was her Google Assistant. How does her first-anniversary celebration go with her busy husband? 

Nammavaru Haage (My husband is alike)

The Nostalgic conversation of two old friends from college turns into self-realisation.

We were overwhelmed with the reviews we got from our chief guests and the audience. Thank you for all your beautiful appreciation and valuable words for us. 

We can’t wait to show you all! If you have missed the show, Worry not. 

Mooruvare Neetigalu will be released soon on the Movi Garage app.
| COMING SOON on Movigarage App |

A series presented by Sripada Studios

Actors: Thejaswini_sharma | Shishir Kumar | Spandana Somanna | Harshith 

Director: Phani Srivatsa PV
Co-writer: Raksha Srinivaskumar

Cinematography & Editing: Satish MS | Aditya Kashyap

Sync Sound: Vrushal S 
Music: Sagar Shastri
Makeup: Swathi Ramesh
Singer: Shruti Rao
Associate Director: Shreepada Kashyap
Production Assistants: Manjunath S | Chaitra V | Apoorva S


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