How do we keep our Client's DATA Safe?

Sripada Studios gives you a brief  note on the internet’s  crucial aspect of modern life, providing countless benefits and opportunities to individuals, businesses, and society

Written by Raksha Srinivas for Sripada Studios

The internet has become a crucial aspect of modern life, providing countless benefits and opportunities to individuals, businesses, and society as a whole. As society grows, the dependency on the technology and internet is also growing

But, considering all the positives, how safe is the internet?

We, Sripada Studios a digital marketing agency work with multiple client data, and data servers. Our working domain is always prone to damages such as data loss, data duplication, data manipulation, and security risks such as hacking, unauthorized access, and data theft, which can lead to significant damage

Hence,  It is our ethical responsibility to protect our customers’ data and maintain their trust. At Sripada Studios, we always prioritize our customers’ data protection and ensure that it follows the following practices:

Data Encryption

Ensure that sensitive information is encrypted during storage and transmission to prevent unauthorized access

Access control

Implement strict access controls to limit who can access customer data and restrict access to only those who need it

Two - step verification

We strictly follow the two-step method to monitor and manage the number of authorized access holders

Regular security audits

Regularly assess the security of their systems and processes to identify and fix any vulnerabilities

Data Backup

Establish a robust data backup strategy to ensure that customer data is always recoverable in the event of a disaster or other loss

Maintain dedicated hard drives

We make sure that each client has a dedicated hard drive, cloud storage space and data server to store the data in an organized manner

Data Disposal

Develop a secure data disposal process to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands when it is no longer needed

Employee Training

Our professionals are well-educated about the importance of data security and the need to protect customer information

Sripada Studios

With strict adherence to such measures we, Sripada Studios can build and maintain customer trust, and act as a responsible entity on the internet to make it safer

Either way, the hack can be done or the data breach can happen. So, ensuring all the above points can be prevented and regular change of passwords would help more to be safe


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