Does Indian Cinema build Patriotism?

Sripada Studios helps you to understand the concept of “Does Indian Cinema build Patriotism”

Written by Raksha Srinivas Kumar.

Cinema is one of the tools of storytelling but it is considered the most powerful medium to directly influence the population. So why not use it to build a sense of belonging and patriotism among the Indian youths? 

  • From no script to religion-based or mythology-based movies
  • From Male-oriented subjects to female-oriented and non-gender-biased movies
  • From Silent films to Talkative, Musical movies.

Who can Forget Lagaan?

Lagaan, Once Upon a Time in India. Once upon a Time in our Childhood in 2001.
It’s still the greatest film by Aamir Khan.

The cinema industry is evolving every year with new technologies and new ways of narrating movies to gain much attention. But, somehow Indian Cinema has been associated with core emotions to hold the nation’s integrity. From Mother India to Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shaale we have such popular films upholding the issues faced by the government and helping us to understand the strategies behind them. So today we have a list that built the nerve of patriotism in our minds.

Let’s Go! India

Remember getting goosebumps on listening to Kuch Kariye, Kuch Kariye, Nas Nas Meri Khole, Kuch Kariye as a 90s Kid!
We’ll tell you a secret. You still get goosebumps listening to it. Try now

The Garland of Pearls!

Can you guess which is the movie? It’s Muthina Haara, one of the greatest movies on KFI. Do watch it to know the roller coaster of the Indian soldiers.

PS: Our favorite “Devaru Hoseda Premada Dhaara”


The Kamal Hassan starred 1996 movie is about a veteran freedom fighter questioning the crime in modern India. 
Not just this – Viswaroopam, Thangamagan, Nayagan, Hey Ram and many more of his films directly or indirectly planted the notion of Patriotism with Humanity.

Veerappa Nayaka

Who can forget Vishnu Dada in Veerappa Nayaka’s look? The movie also marked the pride of Karnataka for being the only manufacturer of Indian Flags.

Recent movies like URI – The Surgical Strike, Shershaah, Parmanu, and Bhuj do get a special mention for making a great impact on today’s generation with very good quality and engaging plots. But, also there is political party influence on the subject too. We hope the notion of “FREE INDIA” “OUR INDIA” & “INDIAN” is placed in upcoming movies rather than regionalism, casteism or any other hatred feeling.

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